Iphone Film Making, Updates 1.0

Iphone Film Making, Updates

This will be a quick post on some new equipment that has become available for the Iphone film maker.
First up is a device called the Handle Pro.

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Next up is another tutorial from Aron J Anderson. This one is on a DIY stablizer. One of the biggest problems that you are going to have to overcome if you want to shoot professional quality work is to make sure that your images remain stable. I realize that shaky cam is a part of the film making world, but you need to lean how to shoot clean images before you start to experiment.

Warp Stabilizer Owle Bubo iPhone stabilizer TFX tv # 3 from Aron J Anderson on Vimeo.

That will be it for today. I am going to be doing some profiles on the state of indie film making and using the iphone as part of a film making package. I just saw a film that was shot with an iphone, webcam and gopro. I liked the film so much that I did an interview with the film maker. You can look forward to that in a future post.

Good luck with your film making and please take a moment to bookmark this site and to stumble us on stumbleupon.

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