Practical FX The Basics Part 1. Blood,Bullets and Wounds

Practical FX Basics Part 1.

Many of you have asked for a page about FX and most of you want one about practical FX rather than CGI. So I am offering this page as a starter.

Practical fx have been used since the beginning of the film industry.
This usually involves makeup effects or basic on set special effects such as animatronics.

Lets look at different ways of doing these effects.

We will start with the Squib. Squibs are bullet hits.

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Next a look at basic blood making.

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The last thing I want to look at is basic cuts and wounds. I know that you want to jump ahead to things like zombie or demon make up, but you will be happy that you have learned the basics.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to adding more advance tutorials. FX makeup is like any other part of the film making process. With practice you will improve over time. You will also come up with new and different ways to achieve your goals.

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