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The Canon DSLR Cameras

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Let’s look at the cameras used to shoot a digital feature film and why.

The first up is going to be the Canon 5d mark ii. This is the flagship camera of the low budget filmmaking industry. I could try to tell you all about it, but I thought that I would allow the number one expert on the subject Phillip Bloom to tell you all about it and why this camera is so special.

Understand that this camera with lens sells for over two thousand dollars brand new. You can find it for fourteen to nineteen hundred used. That leaves us with the question, “is it worth it?” If you can afford it, yes. You will not need another camera for years and you can always add software updates. It is a great camera.

Next up is the Canon 7d. The price is around twelve hundred dollars and has become the most popular of the 3 main dslr Canon cameras, do to price and picture quality. Here is a look at something shot with the Canon 7d.

Next up is the Canon t2i. This camera retails with kit lens for about seven hundred dollars. With special firmware update (the camera’s software) this camera can be made to do things that its big brothers do. The firmware update is called Magic Lantern. The next tutorials are about the Canon t2i and then Magic Lantern.

Picking any of these cameras would be a good start to your production company. Do not go for the biggest and most expensive camera if it does not suit you. I have friends who will only use the Canon 5d. While I love a great bargain. I love to work a little harder so my camera of choice between them is the t2i. I would not trade and neither would they. Pick the camera that suits both you and the budget that you will be working with. It is your film. You are the producer and director. Understand this that the camera is an important choice, but just as important is lighting, sound quality, the script and the cast.
All are necessary so budget carefully.
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About the Camcorders

I would like to mention a few words about the Canon camcorders. The Vixia and Hv series of camcorders are referred to by many film makers as pro-sumer camcorders. What is meant by this is that they have consumer camcorder bodies, but have many of the functions of the larger pro level camcorders.

The best of these cameras are the Canon hv 20, 30 and 40. They all shoot Hd and at 24p. The price range of these cameras is between 200 and 600 dollars. They are great entry level cameras for the beginning film maker. Some have shoot feature films using these little miracles when a quality lens or depth of field adapter is added.

There is also the Vixia series from Canon. All are HD and shoot at 24p. Some of them allow you to add on lenses and so do not so do your research. The best bargain amongst them is the Vixia Hf-r10. This camera can be gotten for under 150 and used and if handled right can provide impressive footage.

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