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For most filmmakers their camera is everything to them. Their camera is as important to them as a sword is to a Samurai.
I do not want to get into picking your camera or cameras. I have the one or two that I love and I sure that you feel the same way. You could not convince me that your camera choice is better than mine and I will not try to do this to you either. What I am here to do today is to look at the basics of the Dslr camera set up.
I have found a great tutorial on just setting up your camera and shooting your film. Nothing fancy and not a lot of techno speak. The truth is that film making is a lot like shooting a basketball or a puck. Just set up and shoot. The more you do it the more you learn and the better you will become at it. You want to do this as often as possible because fear is your greatest enemy. Not fear of doing it, but fear of making mistakes. Do not give in to this. Mistakes are your friends. They will be the best teachers that you have ever known.

I had always looked upon setting up my camera for a shoot as a massive job until I saw that little tutorial.

Understand that is the basics, their is someone who is the agreed upon expert on this subject. His name is Phillip Bloom and if you want to become really good with your camera visit his site. Watch as many of his tutorials as possible. He has probably forgotten more about cameras than we will ever know. Here is a look at a Phillip Bloom.

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