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Most film makers begin their careers shooting short films. You learn the basic day to day process of film making while not having to run the marathon that is a feature film. While shooting a short film, you can learn the basics of lighting a scene and the best ways to record quality sound.

When people think about film making they concern themselves so much with capturing a quality image that they sometimes forget it is as an audio and visual medium. If you record poor sound it will haunted you long after the shooting is done.

You will also learn how to block a scene. Blocking is placing the actors and any important set pieces the proper place as they relate to the camera or in this case the device that is recording images. Too many indie film makers believe that all that you have to do is point the camera and shoot, but nothing could be further from the truth of film making.

Usually you or someone close to you has written the script. With the making of your short film you will learn what worked and what did not where your screenplay is concerned. If you believe that you need a primer on how to write a quality low budget script you could visit my blog on the subject by clicking here  or you could purchase a copy of my ebook on the subject,  On Low Budget Film Making,Digital Film Making Interviews.

Below you will see a short film shot using an iphone 5 and the Behind the Scenes footage from the shoot.

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That will be it for this post. I would like to take a moment to mention the book of interviews that I have recently published, It is a great resource for the beginning film maker and along with the interviews there are chapters on almost ever aspect of film making. You can find it by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting my site, good luck with your phone film making.

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