Building Your Audience As A Film Maker

Building Your Audience As A Film Maker

There is a huge debate concerning what is the best way to build and to maintain your audience as a digital film maker. Many swear by Twitter and Facebook as they best way to keep the followers of their work involved. This can work well, but depending solely upon basic social media tools puts your fate totally in the hands of others. You are depending upon people to come back again and again out of habit.

The problem with this is that habits change quickly.

This is where my background in internet marketing can help you as a film maker. I still earn a living through online marketing while trying to get my film making career off the ground. I recently ran into a post about email marketing and it hit me that it would work as well for film makers as it does for those who are trying to market anything else online.

“I am not into marketing. I am an artist.”You say.

“If you do not spend a great deal of time and effort on marketing or find someone who will do this for you then you will be a starving artist.”I say.

The fist questions is, how hard is email marketing?

Not hard at all. You can hire a service for a few dollars a month to do it for you.

Second question. Where do I get email addresses?

You most likely already have them. If you have sold digital downloads of your work or interacted with people on google plus then you have the addresses already. You will want to collect as many as possible so that when you have a new film ready for release or when you are doing a crowd funding campaign you can contact people who know and like your work. People who are already aware of the fact that you are a quality filmmaker. People who will want to help spread the word or purchase your work.

Next here is a quick video on how one company that does email marketing can help you. And if you want to know if this type of thing is cost effected. Most businesses and a film production company is a business, will usually make over 25 to 1 in return on investment in email marketing. To make it easier to test out and see if it will help with your marketing efforts I have left you a 60 trial banner. If it does not help with the marketing of your films then you can cancel without having spent a penny.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

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