Iphone 6 Short Film and Footage

Iphone 6 Short Film and Footage

The first iphone 6 films are being made. Over the coming year there will be too many of them to count. This device offers better video quality than any smart phone ever made and rivals the quality of high end dslr cameras. For the low budget film maker the iphone 6 may be the best thing to ever happen to them.

Smart phone film making is a growth industry. The quality of the films and the skills of the film makers continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

The film that I would like to share with you was shot, edited and posted with the iphone 6.


Next I would like to show you some footage shot with the iphone 6.


If you have a film that you have shoot using the iphone 6 or if you know about a great one please let me know by leaving a comment at this site and I will try to post it. Thank you for visiting and good luck with your smart phone film making and on a personal note I have a short ebook on the subject of iphone film making coming out in the month of November. Please take a moment to like this site on stumbleupon and to add me to your google plus.

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