Iphone Film Making Tips 2015

Iphone Film Making Tips 2015



A new year has dawned looking back over the past two years the grown of the iphone as a film making tool has been nothing short of amazing. Shorts, features and commercials are being shot all over the world using this smartphone.
From the iphone 4s to the iphone 6 plus the quality of the footage that can be captured by these small devices rivals that of the high end Dslr cameras. If you are going to be taking the idea of using your iphone to shoot a film seriously then you will need a few tips.

First you will need a iphone. You can use any model from the iphone 4s up to the lastest model.
You will need apps that help you capture motion picture like footage. The best of these apps is named Filmic Pro. It will allow you to record at 24 frames per second this will make your footage look like film footage.

You will need a script. A film that is made up as a film maker goes along will look like it.
And you will not want that. Professionals show up with a screenplay. It is the map of your production. It list the shoots, the locations and tells the actors what to do. If you have never written a screenplay before you will need to do two things. First go one line a google free scripts. Read a few of the scripts to the movies that you love. Next get a book on how to do it and what you must consider while writing it. My book, On Writing a Low Budget Screenplay would be a good starter book.



You will want to learn about basic lighting. The iphone is great in almost any kind of light. You can purchase some great low cost LED lights that are battery powered and can go almost anywhere.
You will want a computer to edit your finished film on. You can edit on your smartphone and there are some great apps, but you will want a computer that is loaded with more powerful editing software to produce a better finished film.

You will need to watch films. Watch as much iphone footage as possible.

The last thing that you must keep in mind is to have fun. Film making should be fun. You are doing it to have fun. When doing something you love it fun and should not feel like a job.

Okay that is it for today. Please take a moment to bookmark this site and to share this post on google plus. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your film making.

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