Becoming A Digital Film Maker

Becoming A Digital Film Maker

Whether you decide to shoot your movie with a iPhone or shoot your movie with a Dslr you are going to be what is known as a digital film maker. Your images will be recorded digitally and processed in the same way. Thanks to these devices you can record footage that is as impressive as that recorded by the professionals. Many of the professionals that you are familiar with are right now recording with devices similar to the one that you are using.

You can record your film using almost any of the Canon Dslr cameras. The t2i on up to the canon 5d mark II. You can record with the Panasonic Gh1,2 and 3. Also a number of Nikon cameras. You will need to do some research to find the best one for you. Like buying a car everyone has different taste and needs. The iPhopne 4s and 5 are great film making tools.

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Once you have your recording device you will want to have a script. Making it up as you go along does not work. You will end up with something, but unless you are gifted beyond belief the film will not be worth watching. You are going to need a low budget screenplay. In this area I can help you because I have written a short and informative book on the do’s and don’t of writing a micro budget screenplay. You can find it at itunes and Barnes & Noble. The title is On Writing a Low Budget Screenplay. If you require a few quick rules to follow I will offer them. Stick to one subject. One plot line. The entire story should take place in as few locations as possible. For low budget films the rule is ten or less locations with over half the story restricted to two locations. For a micro budget film we are talking about three or fewer locations with over eighty percent of the story taking place in one location. This could be an office or a house or a cabin or even an elevator (The Devil would have made a great micro budget film). Just pick a location for your film, one that is free to use for shooting, and stick to that location. If you need some lessons on the subject you can visit my screen writing blog as well, click here.

The last basic lesson about digital film making is that the most important thing you can do is just to record images. Shoot daily or on weekends. You will learn so much by doing.

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