Trailer Day and Digital Notes

Trailer Day and Digital Notes

This will be a quick post as we lead into the Oscars. If you want to win one of those then you will have to start some where. I think that the best way to learn film making is in the
trenches. You have to go out and shoot and edit to learn how to be a film maker. You could go to film school to learn digital film making, but the money spend on school could be used to shoot your first film. Here is some advice from a great film maker.

Next is a trailer for what I consider to be a good step in te right direction for te Found Footage film genre. From a film maker that I have mixed emotions about. Ti West so far has grown as a film maker while at the same time left me a little cold toward his work. I hope that this film will be the one that makes me a fan of his work. Here is the Ti West trailer for his new film.

This next trailer is R rated so please do not view it if you are under 17. This is a found footage trailer that also breaks from the standard horror genre of found footage. The Lucky Bastard trailer.

Next is a big budget trailer. I have to say that I love monster movies. The kind that come from Japan. I grew up watching them on Saturday mornings and the greatest of all was Godzilla.
Here is the second and more informative Godzilla trailer.

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