iPhone and Digital Filmmaking

iPhone And Digital Filmmaking

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Digital filmmaking amongst low to micro budget filmmakers have been the norm for years now. Only recently has Hollywood began to catch up to this trend. Hollywood has done this for the same reason that the micro budget film maker has, the reason is cost.
The cost of shooting along with the growth in the quality of footage that consumer and prosumer cameras can deliver can no long be ignored. Feature films such as Courageous and Act of Valor and Crank 2 have been shot using Canon cameras.  Because of this it is no wonder that many people interested in film making have asked can it be done with the cameras in the high end camera phones such as Apple’s iPhone.

The answer is yes and this is the place not only to learn the basics, but to find everything that you will need to shoot your iPhone blockbuster and or your digital feature. Just understand that before you begin this process it will not be an easy one. If it was easy to make a quality film everyone would be doing it. Hollywood waste tens of millions of dollars producing movie after movie and they have access to the best film making equipment and crews on earth. It will not be easy, but if you have talent and more importantly the drive to finish what you start you will have a finished feature film on your hands. Whether you decide to shoot it with an iPhone, a Canon hv camcorder or a Canon Dslr.

At this site you will learn about filmmaking apps for the iPhone. Film lighting tips and techniques. Everything from concept to editing your complete project. If you are ready I would suggest that you visit one of our tutorial pages. Good luck and feel free to send a message to us about your project and or any film making tips that you might have.
Good luck and let’s get started.

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