Have You Seen an iPhone Movie?

iPhone Movies

I will present to you know a few examples of what can be shot with the Apple iPhone.

The more that I see of the the work being done with these phones the more I am considering making a film with one myself. I am a digital camcorder guy. More and more people are becoming fans of the Dslr cameras such as the Canon Mark 5d mark II, the Canon 7d and the Canon t2i, but for me I as one of those last voices that cry out in the wilderness that the Canon Vixia and hv series of camcorders have been overlooked as powerful filmmaking tools.

Who knows how long these camera phones will be popular before they are replaced by something else, perhaps filmmaking with a iPad?

The first short film is an award winner.


The last film is titled Limbo.

The next short film is titled Cursed.


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