Digital Film making, New CrowdFunding Campaigns.

Digital Film making, New CrowdFunding Campaigns.

I thought that I should get back to posting and I would like to start with a few

new crowdfunding campaigns. The one that I am most excited about is the campaign to

produce the next film in the Joker Rising trilogy.

First up is a campaign that was introduced to me by a friend. The film makers

are going to be shooting their feature film using a Canon t3i.

If you are interested in a crowdfunding campaign, but can not make a donation

you can still help by sharing the campaign via twitter, Facebook or Google plus. You

to decide to do it and just repost one that you like. If you reach just ten people and two

of them decide to share it you have started something that could reach thousands.

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Okay the final campaign that I would like to share is for the sequel to Joker Rising, The City With Two Faces. Well over a hundred thousand people have watched the first film online and now the film maker and his crew are busy with the production of the first of two sequels.

You can visit the campaign page for this film at

Also you can visit the facebook page at

That will be it for today. Feel free to share this post and to Pin any of the

videos here.

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