Digital Film Making, Favorite Crowdfunding Campaigns

Favorite Crowdfunding Campaigns

Today I would like to talk a little about digital film making and a lot about crowdfunding campaigns. The truth is that in this day and age it is hard for one to exist without the other. If you are going to be a micro budget film maker you are going to get involved in a kickstarter or indiegogo campaigns sooner or later.

Understand the nature of your budget before you start shooting. Plan for crowdfunding as soon as possible. Understand that you are going to need a great deal of material before you get started. You cannot just come up with poster art and go out and raise fifty thousand dollars.

To be successful at crowd funding you are going to first need a great product to pitch. Whether it is a short film or a feature film. Second you are going to have to network. You are going to need to expand the reach of your social media. You will need the help of hundreds of people who may not donate money to your campaign, but will be willing to share it with others. Twitter, facebook and all the other possible forms of social media can take your campaign over the top in no time. The reason who the borderline movie stars are able to go on kickstarter and raise millions for a project is that they are about to reach our to a built in audience who will help to promote their campaigns.
Let’s get to the campaigns. The first one is a fan film.

The next film is a horror film.

Everyone who has read my blog on digital filmmaking knows that I have become a Steampunk fan. So when I find a film in this genre I love to highlight it.

Next is a period piece. Usually we are talking the old west or Victorian England, but in this case it is the 1960’s.

The last campaign that I want to highlight is a horror movie pitch.

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