The fan Film World

The Fan Film World

Your iPhone can be used as a tool to shoot a fan film.

“What is a fan film?”

It is a movie based upon existing material that is not in the public domain. There are thousands of these films being shoot every year. Fan films are legal to make, but not to make money from. You can not sell a fan film, but they are usually done for the love of the material. This started with Star Wars films and is being done to perfection with the Batman Universe. IF you are a fan of a popular series or movie you will find that there are any number of fan films out there based upon that material. There are more Stab Films than there are Scream films. Heroes the tv series lives on thanks to fans making there own little episodes online. Perhaps you have a story that you wished that your favorite movie or series told and you would like to tell it. Pick up your iPhone, Dslr or camcorder and tell it.

I like the iPhone as a tool to shoot one because many of us already have one and it is capable of recording top notch video.

There is also Dslr cameras and the motion picture quality footage that they are able to produce. Right now the best fan film that I have ever seen, The Joker Rising, is available for a short time online. Take a look at it and if you wish to be involved with the making of the sequels to it they are engaged in a crowdfunding campaign at the moment.

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