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I have given a great deal of thought to how the world of phone filmmaking will become more mainstream and the conclusion that I have come to is that it is probable that it will take Hollywood aid in this. We can make thousands of short films with our smartphones and grow this slowly or an A list star could shoot one film and all of our stuff will receive more attention. The good news on this front is that there are a few protect underway in Hollywood using the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. Stay tune for future developments in this area.


I recently received news of a crowdfunding campaign for an
iPhone 5 feature film being shot. There are more than just this one being attempted, but so far they have not reach the stage where the film makers believe that they need to do crowdfunding or to release footage.

The digital feature film world is going to go through many changes over the next year or so as more and more hand held devices are used to shoot films.

Those of you already shooting and editing your work using the iPhone may be ahead of the game. There will be many more iphone film makers.
The movie that we are going to look at is being shot by a
Hollywood power couple. Craig Ross Jr. and his wife Caryn Ward Ross.
The movie is titled The Affair.

You can visit their crowdfunding campaign at this link, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/633012328/the-affair-the-movie?ref=category

That will be it for today. I would like to suggest sharing your footage and short films on Vimeo. I love youtube, but the video quality is slightly better on Vimeo and there are less restrictions on content at Vimeo.

If you have a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign and would like to share it, just leave me a comment about it or contact me through Google plus and I will check it out. Please take a moment to stumble us on Stumbleupon and to add me to your google plus. Good luck with your film making.

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