A Filmmaker is a Story Teller

Telling Your Story

Film making comes down to telling your own story or one that you feel should be told. I am not a fan of those filmmakers who believe that they have a story that must be told and are willing to waste millions of someone else’s money doing it, but if it is your own money and you are willing to do it yourself then go for it. That phrase “Put your money where your mouth is applies here.”

If you are a person who does not like to tell stories then you will not be very good at film making. I do not want everyone to become a film maker, but those who really have a story that needs to be told visually to pursue this line of work and make no mistake about it. Filmmaking is work.

Did you get that?

Filmmaking is work and sometimes hard work.

You can make little short films in your free time and it will not be all that hard, but if you want to earn a living at this then understand that it is going to be a lot of long days and nights. People who loved the idea of you being a film maker are going to get tired of hearing that you are too busy to hang out because you are working on your film. They are going to get sick of hearing you talk about it and you will talk more and more about it each day. Dancers talk about dancing, singers about singing, fighters about fighting, addicts about their addictions and film makers talk too much about film making.

The moment that someone close to you says shut up I am tired of hearing this story about the difference between this lighting set up and that one is the moment that you have turned the corner.

Again find a story that you wish to tell and make a movie about it. Start with a short if you want to and just shoot it. If it is a big story and it has to be feature length then go for it.

“But I don’t have time to shoot a feature. I have a day job.”

Really? So did Christopher Nolan. He shot his first feature on weekends for a year to get it done. Peter Jackson took about three years shooting Bad Taste, his first feature. If you have a single lead story to tell and you can count on that actor to be there for months and or over a year go for it and take your time. If you are that actor all the better, you can always count on yourself.

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